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Attachment to Clementine?

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Okay, we all know that Clementine is Adorable, and that the game itself revolves around yourself and her survival aswell as those close around you yada, yada, yada..... But strangely enough I feel like I'm actually attached to Clementine. While in the shoes of Lee Everett and in my own in real life. It's an odd feeling, unlike Katie in Dead Rising 2 you get to know Clementine properly and you feel a great deal of responsibility on your hands like you did with Katie.

However, I didn't get the feeling in my stomach that I'm actually close to Katie and am worried for her safety. True it's a game, but the RPG elements take you to the Walking Dead world and you feel as though the story is true and has a gigantic impact on the mind. I don't know if others feel this way in reality, it's strange. I'm only 16yrs old and haven't cared for a game character this much before... Can anyone relate?

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  • It's a credit to Telltale that you are that invested in the story. I personally hope we have the opportunity to ultimately save Clementine in the end.

  • i can relate. in fact i can get so connected to a game tht while people are playing a game i kick annd punch like im IN the game

  • That's good to hear. I really enjoy the game, alot more than I thought I would. I feel attached to all characters like Kenny and stuff too. I hope Episode 5 ends well :(

  • I am hoping for the best in the last episode. I will save Clementine if it's at all possible.

  • i have never thought about a game, it's story and characters this much ever, i thought about mass effect a lot but because you basically get punished for not choosing to be either completely paragon or renegade it was only the things that weren't either that actually required thought, but in TWD you decide what is right or wrong and the characters don't all think you are awesome just because you have enough paragon points to make them loyal or whatever, you actually have to try and understand them thats why whey are soo good

  • 17 and Clem is a charecter im scared to see the death of. I havent cried yet but either her safe or dead may get me very emotional. Clem is what makes this great. They have a charecter it would be stupid to kill.

  • I feel that way about Clem too. I nearly screamed at my monitor when Andy grabbed her hair at the dinner scene. During the bandit raid, when I saw her peeking over the wall when the bandits stormed through I freaked out because she had bullets flying at her. I didn't even notice Kat and Duck until the walker tackled them because I was too focused on Clem. Her going through the doggy door in Episode 4, and going missing twice really got my heart racing. I don't care what I have to do to save her in Episode 5. I'm not letting the walkie psycho have her.

  • I suppose we can only hope Episode 5 ends well :'( ..... Tbh, I can see how so many canbecome attachted to the characters. There all brilliantly written, and I hope to god this excellent series ends on a high note

  • Yeah, this game has definitely gotten me more attached to any character than I ever have in a game. Which is why I can't wait for the final episode. I'm actually nervous about it though. Just like all of you, I hope we can make sure Clem is safe in the end. These guys really did a great job of making us actually care for a fictional character.

    EDIT: *SPOILER ALERT* Oh, I just remembered when I realized just how attached I am to Clem (I'm replaying the episodes so far for different outcomes). When she disappears after Lee sleeps... Then finding her hat... My heart sank. It's incredible.

  • If Clementine will die... (which would be kind of good plot twist) lot of people are really butthurt about it. But if you really get mad about that I suggest you stop watching/playing/reading TWD... Every character is vulnerable. You should not get attached to any of the characters.

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