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I need help! Walking dead story not continue!!! Why?

posted by Dauma on - Viewed by 176 users

I Just finished WD Ep.1 and starting to play WD Ep2. but there are problems, my storyline not continue:
Firstly as it shows on previous intro movie the Doug is dying by zombies and Carley survived, but when I played Ep.1 I helped to survive the Doug.

I thought it's just a bug of intro movie, but later I saw this:

After intro movie, story goes in the forest, after that, the Lee and group of people are back in the car park and what I see? The Carley is alive, but this time in game....She must be dead...

Could anybody say where is problem? Somehow need to resolve this problem, cause the game loosing his own originality.

Do I have problems with save file or what?
Why my story is not continuing as it must?
Please Help

playing on MAC OS X LION

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