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Seeking advice

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Hi all,
Could somebody tell me,how can I buy Sam & Max Season 2 electronically,when I can't buy it with my Credit card because I have Visa Electron,can't sing-up to Paypal because I don't have home telephone and can't transfer the money from bank to bank as It's not available at my location.

Sorry for any grammatical mistakes.English is not my native language

[RIGHT]Thanks in advance[/RIGHT]

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  • Well, since you're not from the U.S. or Canada, GameTap is out.

    That means your options look pretty bleak: either get a new credit card, buy a home phone, or switch banks.

    Alternatively, you could wait and hope Telltale will start supporting more payment options or GameTap more countries. The latter is likely, but may be moot as they may not support Electrons either, and the former is not terribly likely at all.

  • Well,thanks anyway.Guess there's nothing else to do but wait.

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