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small comments, big meanings?

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So heres a quick thought about episode 5. IM wondering if Lee had a kid. Think about it, Lee catches his wife with the senator ( or whatever happened) and somehow his kid gets hurt before ( or maybe after depending on your lee) making the villian in episode 5 believe that he would be better for clem than you.

Think about it, how many conversations have you had that asked if you have kids, and lee is always weird about it.

I can think of like 2 examples from clem and 1 from kenny in episode 1.
again from clem in episode 2.
and i think its discussed again in crawford. i believe theres more but im tired.

Just a theory. as i was typing this i started second guessing my own theory, but still could be a possibibility

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  • I think Clem asks if Lee had kids in episode 1 or if he ever wanted to and he says no and it does not say [LIE]. I think that would be a pretty big secret for TTG to keep from the players and not really right because for all intents and purposes you ARE Lee so I would think if he had a child he would be more concerned with finding them.

  • senator is DEAD.
    that's why Lee was going to jail, because LEE KILLED him

  • @ aperose yeah thats a good point. Lol killed my theory i thought i may have been on to something but your probably right. plus i started thinking about the carley conversation in the office of the drug store, she only mentions a wife (maybe not wanting to alert clem, but then im guessing she wouldnt have brought it up in the first place)
    @ TheNNerdGamer I know the senator is dead, i was talking about the events leading up to during and after it happened.

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