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NO TIME LEFT- New Fan Art from me ;)

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I'm Ertaç Altınöz, an illustrator from Turkey and I did a fan art for the last episode "No Time Left".

I don't know if there is a specific topic under the forum for fan art section and I may be so rude to share this here( If I'm mistaken, please inform me so I can delete this thread instantly). I'm new with the forums :)

I think the final chapter of "The Walking Dead" from TellTale Games is about to release. And here is a little tribute for their hard work from me. I found so much fun in the originals and looking forward to see the next season.

Not a happy ending but it is how it is. All comments are welcome.

P.S: I tried to give any spoilers, so please do NOT think something strictly connected happens in episodes to make this ending becoming real. I mean there is no clue to create such an ending in the game;)

Lets wait and see what happens on the original's release date.

All the Best

P.S: You can see this image in a better resolution on my DeviantArt page;)

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