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Can't download new episodes

posted by mikelosaurus on - last edited - Viewed by 281 users

Got WD Ep1 for Ipad no problem at all from the Apple App Store.

However, although I've bought the bundle for the rest of the episodes I can't download them from within the app.

Every download attempt fails at 0.0% with 'Connection lost while downloading data. Please ensure you have a working internet connection and re-attempt the download'

There is nothing wrong with my Internet and I have no firewall. (I do tech support so I know what I'm talking about.)

I'm guessing there must be something wrong on the server side where the data is hosted? Does the fact that I'm based in the UK matter at all?

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  • that download problem have been there for months and what they do ... oh yeah nothing :mad:

  • I was tearing my hair out, ready to ask for a full refund after buying the IOS version. Saw a post on the forum that worked for me.

    I was trying with 3g, and over 2 different wireless connections with around 70mbs per second.

    If your wifi disconnects even for a second, the download fails. And I think soms cacheing issues make future attempts unstable?

    So try this:

    -Turn off your phone, unplugg the power, WAIT for 20 seconds for the memory to fully clear (this seems to be a problem to stopping future attempts?)
    - Then boot your phone up, open itunes on the phone to make sure you are connected with the account that purchased the app
    - Make sure you are on a STABLE wifi or mobile network connection
    - Log into the game, try the download again

    Worked for me first time after 24 hours of repeated download failures, and I managed to grab all 3 extra episodes in about 5 mins - phew!

    If it fails again, follow the above process and try again. It's not ideal, but it beats spending money and having nothing to show for it.

    Would be good if anyone can post to confirm if this works for others?

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