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larry was alive

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go rewatch the scene and choose to give him cpr. he gasps for air and his eyes open wide the split second before the salt lick drops.

probably the one thing i noticed everyone missed

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  • No, his eyes don't open, but his lips move. This is meant to be ambiguous - was his alive or reanimating?

  • He was DEFINATELY alive, thus negating the enitre "no wrong choice" aspect that Telltale is trying to go for.

    I bet the gun in Lilly's hand also "misfired" didn't it?

  • Definitely alive... prove it? You can't. How do you know he didn't just reanimate as Cyreen said?

  • No one will know. It's meant to be ambiguous. My take is that he was still alive.

  • What... this again? I say he was still alive though - not that it matters.

  • I disagree, once Kenny got it into his head and walked over to the salt licks....Larry was dead, regardless of what you saw. The executioner was ready and waiting, besides he punched you and left you for dead so screw him. I tried to save him but wasn't heartbroken that Kenny did it. I was more pissed that he did it while I was leaning over him and he got his brains/blood all over me.

  • I think he was still alive. If you remember when David/Travis die at the Motor Inn earlier in the episode, they look all rotten and such like a walker, which was almost immediately after they're pronounced dead. Larry looked nothing like a walker, so it seems fairly obvious that he wasn't dead.

    Personally i think it's more of a moral dilemma on helping to murder a man who may still be alive rather than focus on whether he actually IS still alive or not.

  • I am still not sure if he was actually alive, or if it was his first awakening as a walker. The cool thing about the scene is though: We will never know.

    His death is a true and final death, a tragic one regardless of how it happens, but one done when people are in a stressful situation and see no other choice. Kenny's point of a 6 foot 6 gorilla of a zombie is very much true.. and it really was a 'humanity vs the needs of all' choice. I loved it because Larry might be alive. Great storytelling.

  • I'm pretty sure TTG themselves stated that the scene was meant to be ambiguous.

    And if the scene was meant to be treated realistically then he was dead the moment he got a heart attack in a room without doctors and medical equipment, CPR alone won't save you if your heart stops.

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