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A weird dream I had...

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Okay, so sometimes MAX pops up in my dreams from time to time, but a couple nights ago I had a truly surreal dream.

I was sharing a room with some of my buddies and Steve Purcell. In fact, it was more like Steve's flat. It was in New York, and had these AWESOME things inside, like cool neon lights everywhere, a jacuzzi, a pool table, and these weird Jetsons-like objects everywhere to make it look sci-fi. Although I've never played the Reality 2.0 episode, it had the same sort of techno vibe.

Also, everything in the flat was Sam & Max themed - Steve had drawn cool Sam & Max signs on cardboard for the lounge, and cool little artworks positioned here and there, with witty sayings about each section of the flat (I can't remember them).

Anyway, my buddies and I were ravishing the neat place. We were going everywhere, making a bit of a mess. Like, turning the place upside down, and Steve was just chilling in an old recliner. This all took place in the late evening. It was an awesome starry sky outside.

Then it dawned on me that Steve was waiting for his date to arrive, a girl that went by the name Michelle. I have no idea who this girl was, but realised that we should stop messing the place up, because all the props and so on were planned carefully to greet his date with an awe-inspiring view. In fact, my buddies and I weren't welcome at all at this funky Sam & Max joint.

On one hand I wanted to gush about how awesome Steve's work is, and how cool Sam & Max is, but on the other, it was certainly not the time or place.

So, Steve remained sitting in his recliner, non-plussed but waiting for us to leave, and I woke up and told my girlfriend the story.

And that's that. - the kiffest comic in the WORLD!

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