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Just another Launching problem...

posted by pcabsturz on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users

Hi guys :)

At first : Sorry for my nickname, it just all went wrong today and when the registration window refused at first to accept a chosen nickname i got
hopping mad, chose the first word that came to my mind, it was granted and i then noticed i'm not able to alter it anymore :D

@The Problem:
Like some of the others here in the Forum i also have problems starting up Sam & Max. Season 1 worked well on my engine and downloading and installing s02e01, too...well at first. After i wanted to start the game it asked me for my mail adress and the passwort. I typed it in, clicked on "send", waited... then the window which is attached to this post appeared. It just kept staying there... you can click the buttom for the newsletter at the bottom of the window, but the window itself won't change. You can still minimize, move and close the window but there's nothing like "Start the game" :mad:

What could it be ?
thanks for help

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