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Your game was great, but your business SUCKS!

posted by damarnfl on - last edited - Viewed by 136 users

We, my wife and I, played your season I episode that is currently free and it was fun. We went right to your store and bought the download for ALL of season I so we could continue playing Saturday afternoon and evening. Got a nice bottle of wine and planned to make it an evening...

Your business is very poorly set up. You need an acccount to get emails etc... sign in and pass etc... You need a different password to activate the dowloads, but your shopping page does not even ask for one.

You also have a feature that says enter your order number and the password (you entered at ordering, even though none was asked for) will be emailed to you. When we enter the order number from the confirmation email, it says invalid. Seems like we have been ripped off here.

You then need to get a user name for this forum, to post anything at all.

We feel ripped off. The plan was to play the games, not to send someone an email saying we gave you money and could we play games in a week or so? That, by the way, seems to be the trend on your forum when it comes to replying to anyone at all...

We will be contacting our credit card company and getting a refund for this purchase as soon as possible. We will not get to enjoy any of the other games, but rather, will spend the time posting on our other game forums about being ripped off.

Why even promote with a free game if you won't let buyers download and play the others in a timely fashion.

D Fraser

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  • Have you written to instead of just automatically calling yoru credit card company? I'm in the office right now and I'll be glad to help you out, or at least to issue you a refund the normal way, if you prefer.

  • Hi,

    I see that Doug responded to your support email last night and the download links should now be available through your My Telltale page. I'm sorry they didn't show up immediately after checkout they way they were supposed to; the problem you experienced was due to a bug, not to a general practice of withholding downloads from people who paid for them. ;)

    Please respond here or write back to Doug's email so we can be sure you received the response and have been able to download your games.

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