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Episode Five: The Final Choice

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I'm pretty sure this won't happen, because I saw it posted in another thread as a joke - but when I really considered it, I really struggled to make a decision. Therefore, I think it'd be a horrible final choice to have to make.

Here it is:

Lee turns. The survivors are climbing aboard the boat, but before they can sail away, Lee is upon them - and he pulls one of them back and bites them. But who do you kill?

The broken Kenny? Innocent Clementine? Pregnant Christa? Harmless Omid? Ben, who is so eager to redeem himself?

I know this won't actually happen, because I'd imagine all if not most of your group will be very very dead by the close of episode 5. But I thought it was an interesting concept - we've been so concerned with saving group members - what if we were forced to kill one of them?

I really can't decide. I know a lot of people will have their own grudges against characters like Kenny and Ben, but really consider it. I'd love to hear what you guys would do.

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