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Sam and Max 2-5 won't start at all

posted by Melonhead on - last edited - Viewed by 542 users

After a busy patch of work I decided to get episode 105 to start catching up. I bought it, downloaded it and installed it, and the little shortcut is there on my desktop, but on attempting to open it, the mouse shows the hourglass for a few seconds, and if I go to the task-manager, Sam and Max: Reality 2.0 shows up as a running process, but it never actually appears. I had the same problem with 2-4 when I attempted to replay them (they had worked initially) but none with 1, for some bizarre reason.

I'm running windows xp, with DirectX 9.0c and 1GB of RAM. The other games stopped working after I changed graphics card so I wonder if that may be the problem - I now have Radeon X1650 - is there a known problem with that? Anyone have any ideas? Please help! :)

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