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Talking Brenda down in episode 2

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In episode 2 when Brenda is holding Katjaa at gunpoint, you have to slowly advance while talking to her to calm her down. One thing i noticed is that in some videos I've seen, the dialogue is different toward the end.

In a few videos, Lee starts talking about the farm and how it was their family's pride, and what would Terry(Brenda's husband) think of her now, etc. In most examples, however, Lee just uses a generic 'don't do this, let her go" sort of speech. Does anyone know what the trigger(s) are to change this, if any?

It's not just this moment, either. In episode 3 when talking to Clementine about her parents on the train, some people had the option to say "I think i heard them die" whereas most others had "They're dead, we have to move on."

In episode 4 when talking to her again in Crawford, some had an option that mentioned Katjaa and others did not.

Maybe you have to examine specific items like the St. John family photos or say specific things in conversations.

Just a small thing i noticed and wondered about.

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