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Episode Glitches

posted by Ilana on - last edited - Viewed by 244 users

I've just finished playing episode 2 through for the second time. Both times when I finish, both episode 3 and 4 say "Coming soon" I've tried messing around with the pref.props folder, backing out to the menu, and plain exiting the game. When I exit the game though, it goes back to my save where I just finished episode 1, and I have to play episode 2 again etc.
Any fixes for this or suggestions?

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  • most times I skip episodes and still gives me the same outcomes IF I played them (if I rewinded otherwise the game will make its own choices) try doing that

  • There are plenty of people here to help, with enough information. You say it says "coming soon", so I'm guessing you can't download episodes 3 and 4? If you put the system you are playing on and a few more details, it'll make it easier to help you out.

  • I'm playing on PC. And no, I can still play episodes 3 and 4 just fine. It's just that if I try to continue straight on after finishing episode 2, they say "coming soon". That goes away if I exit the game and start it up again, but I also lose the progress I just made in Ep.2.
    And TheNNerdGamer, that's what I ended up doing, and so far the "randomized choices" have been the same as mine like you said.
    Hopefully this will stay the same for Episode 5, and Telltale will get all of these glitches ironed out.

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