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Vanishing Sam and Max season 2 orders?

posted by LittleFoot on - last edited - Viewed by 204 users

I have just recently tried submitting two orders for Sam and Max season 2, one which I tried yesterday during the day via paypal, which went to the payment is being processed page without asking for a paypal account. Then I felt fair enough, there is probably a glitch with the paypal system.

However, I tried once again today, this time with my credit card details. I got the your order is being processed screen but the order has not yet appeared in my account and I have received no e-mail - while I don't mind the order failing I don't know where the credit card details have ended up or if the order has properly failed or not - is there a record of any recent transaction attempts linked with this user account and has an order gone through, or is there a general problem with the system at the moment?

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