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Dirt !

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Hya Telltales and Folks,

I looked at a few Sam N Max First Encounter screens and played Bone the Cow thingy.

First its awesome that you're doing Sam N Max.
The Characters look very good the Bone gameplay
felt pretty good. Even though it was quite easy to solve.

All in all you're doing very well, but I'd like to mention one thing.
Even if its too late but I'd like to drop it.

Maybe its just me but the Worlds you are creating feel a bit clean !
Super hyper clean. SamNMax MonkeyIslan and DayOfTentacle had those dirty environments. Bubblegum on the street oil , sirup , liquor, spilled. Streets, Objects and Characters ha
d funny or disgusting details on their clothes, body.

Well you have those newspapers lying around and the coke bit nothing that looks dirty. The Streets are shiny like marble. The car looks shiny likes its just new.

Is that what the trash world samnmax live in looks like ?

I don't wanna be the *** but I'am so afraid :((

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    I haven't thought about this until you brought it up, but I'd have to agree with you here now that I re-checked the screenshots. There's virtually no dirt in the Sam & Max office, the streets or Bosco's Inconvenience store.

    A really good point to bring up, really. It probably is too late to dirty things up for Episode 1, but maybe something to take notice for the later episodes for Telltale?

    I guess the problem is that many of the textures are really monotonous. I hope this isn't a limitation caused by the system that allows you to create the episodes with such speed.

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