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Walking Dead constantly making new prefs.prop

posted by Hayamo on - last edited - Viewed by 347 users

So I was having issues with The Walking Dead and found that the problem was with the prefs.prop file. So I did the fix where you copy that files to the GameData/pack/default in the installation folder and everything was working fine. Then when I tried to load it up to play Episode 3 it stalled at the title screen and I discovered that my save games for Episode 2 were in a completely different folder with a completely different prefs.prop file than my Episode 1 saves. I moved some stuff around to the point where the game recognizes my Episode 2 saves but it keeps creating a new SECOND Documents/Telltale Games folder with a GameData folder and a new prefs.prop files.

Long story short: In order for me to actually play the new Episode I have to manually move my saves and prefs.prop file over to the Documents/Telltale Games/The Walking Dead folder and while I would be willing to do this, is there any way I can have the game not create a new prefs.prop file and save my games in a different place entirely?

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    MattP Telltale Staff

    Manually moving or editing your prefs and saves can cause many unforseen problems. There should only be one sets of prefs and saves for this game in your Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead folder. Any other instances of these files can prevent the game from launching, load to black screen, load without recognizing your save games, and corrupting your prefs.

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