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I will play ep 5 with total random choices

posted by Thadeum BANNED on - last edited - Viewed by 240 users

My game screwed me up and fucked up my saves. I deserved it, I manipulated game files. Still...

I have my old saves stored in my Documents\whatsoever folder, and I know I can manage to restore my previous saves by copy/pasting and overwriting new game saves.

But... I feel lazy to do it.

And, you know what? I feel that it's double fun to jump in ep 5 with a perfectly randomly chosen path made by the computer.

Will the computer decide that I chose to go alone ? Or with Ben ? Or with the whole group ? That I chose Doug, or Carley ? That I helped Kenny or screwed him ?

I don't know !

My choices are fucked up, now I am totally unaware of what awaits me.



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