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I'm in love with the Walking Dead video game

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I must say that I am a ps3 trophy hunter ever since 2009. I bout my ps3 in 2008 with Little Big Planet that same day. (First game to have trophies manually installed instead of having to do an update.) I never really cared for the trophies back then and I played it only for fun and to see why there was so much talk about it. Then I found out about trophy competition and I got hooked, but it wasn't until 2010 where I took it serious.

2 years later, I am in shock. The Walking Dead is simply amazing. I loved the TelllTale games before, but the one thing I liked about them the most was the easy and fun-to-obtain trophies. When I got this season of the walking dead, it was only to get the platinum, which I just recently found out about. (Thought each episode had a 100% trophy amount like other telltale downloadable games.) Plus, I bought this only because I had earned $20 free dollars from the U.S. money event in October. After seeing how the trophies were just complete each chapter, I was excited even more. I thought this would be one of my easiest platinum trophy accomplishments, far easier than Terminator Salvation. However, this is not why the game is amazing. It's because I just can't stop thinking about how great it is.

This game is by far my most favorite game I have ever played. Having played since the NES ages, that says a lot. It is one of the only games I have played where I am NOT aiming for the platinum, but the fun and excitement, heck, it is one of the only games where I don't care about trophies at all. It is one of the very few games in my collection where I am playing a second or third playthrough and enjoying must as much or even more than my first. One of the fewer multiple playthrough games I'm enjoying that's not on a handheld, and the ONLY ps3 game I'm playing multiple playthroughs to have fun instead of to get trophies. (Infamous may be an exception but I played it four times and only enjoyed playing the good and evil sides once.)

Long story short, it just goes to show how one game can truly change you.

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