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Joystiq interview with Dan & Emily

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This new interview with Dan & Emily at Joystiq changes the usual focus slightly to encorporate more about the philosophy and marketing behind the episodic gaming model.


[quote]When Cow Race came back, though, the Cow Race sales were at launch level and then the Boneville sales actually equaled the Cow Race sales as well, so we saw the rejuvenation of the previous episode. So the idea that every time you're launching an episode, it's bringing value to the franchise and increasing the franchise presence is great. You know, if you look at Harry Potter, the first book has sold the most because every time a new one comes out, the franchise gets lifted up. So it's nice because you can spread out your marketing effort over six different episodes and continue to always be raising the level of the franchise as a result, increasing sales on six products instead of one.[/quote]

And if that's not enough to entice you over for a look, there's a lovely small shot of Max dangling a rat off the office window-ledge.

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