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Panda AV detects adware on Sam & Max Season 1 files

posted by groovychips on - last edited - Viewed by 193 users

Hello everybody

Been playing Sam & Max Season 1 and loving it. However, today I ran a scan in my computer with Panda Internet Security 2008 (Beta) and it detected the following adware:


The infected files were the Uninstall Sam & Max.exe for episodes 02 and 03, and the adware was found on InstallOptions.dll

Anybody else having a problem like this?

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    It's actually not spyware.

    What's likely is the software making a false positive. The file in question is a standard issue with our installer software, NSIS, which isn't spyware by any means of the definition.

    Since you're running a beta version of Panda Internet Security, it's safe to assume it's a bug with the Panda software you are running.

  • Thought so, but better to be safe than sorry...

    Thanks for the prompt reply! It´s the second time I ask for help in this forum and both times you guys answered quickly. Nice job!

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