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Then who was shadow?

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Fuck my life.

First off, obvious spoiler thread is obvious. If you don't want to know what happens after the credits, please leave now.

You have been warned.

First off, I find it fucking sad that after Clem shoots Lee, she doesn't go with Christa and Omid, like I told her to. Instead, she fucking ventures off into the countryside, alone, armed with the gun she use to off Lee.

She sits alone, contemplating wether or not she should off herself (she picked up and unused round and was shown about to load it)


Two shadows are shown walking in the distance. Clem gets up, contemplates wether or not they are walkers or not, and then the scene ends, waiting for us to rush to XBL in 2013 to pickup season 2.

Could it be Christa and Omid? Could it be Walkers? Could it be the new protagonist of Season 2? The antagonist of season 2? Share what you believe below!

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