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What was the last option you had out of the people you cared about but still hurt?

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When Campman speaks to you he asks you if you ever hurt someone close to you, or something like that. Lee has four options: "...", Clementine, My wife and someone else. Who was that person for you? I chose Clementine, since I made some mistakes with her like not stopping her eat human meat in time, and she was upset when I helped kill Larry and also at the end of episode 4. The last option for me was Carley, but although I did the flirting thing in Episode 3 and I told Katjaa I liked her, I don't remember ever hurting Carley in anyway, so I didn't choose that option. What was the last option for you, and why do you think that was? Also what does Lee say if you choose the Carley option?

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