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An experience that could have been better

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I am not here to start riots or else, I just want to tell you my experience.

I bought the game as soon as I could (few days after day one). It was really promising and with a scheduled episode each month I knew it could fill the empty spaces in my summer.

The first thing that made me sad was the delay between the first chapters. Not one each month but onche every around 60 days. At first I just wanted to send e-mails to Telltale in order to have an explanation. But I read this forum and a lot of messages where players were happy: indeed it's a good choice to make delays bigger in order to publishing an almost perfect choices-tailored game.

Sadly not. When episode 4 came out I played it but I noticed a few, horribly wrong, things. First of all Lily, in my 'previously on the walking dead', escaped with the motorhome, when I was sure that I left her in the middle of the road.

Choices-tailored game? Really? I am not really sure how can I trust that.

But it's not over for me (and for what I saw, lots of other people). Not only my saves were messed up, but now I cannot play episode 5. Why?
In save slot number one I have finished twice episode 4 but as soon as I try to play episode 5 I discover that the save has been corrupted and I lost the last episode gameplay.

In save slot 2 I was playing as scumbag Lee, and after two episodes I don't want to throw everything away and start over. again.

In save slot 3 I have just finished episode 1, trying to do the same choices as game slot 1: hoping to be able to play episode 5 with MY choices. I wanted to play all 5 episodes straight but... not here! Because if I try to play episode 2 I get a message like 'if you revert the game to this checkpoint you will loose your progress, are you sure?'

How hard can it be? No! Or yes! Because what follows my choice doesn't change the result: black screen.

I really don't want to play episode one again. I have already played it 5 times and it is extremely booring at this point.

I can understand that the lucky ones are happy about this game and are looking forward to play season two (if it will become a reality). But I won't buy a game with a your-choices-messed-up tailored story, that I have to wait twice the promised time between episodes, and that after everything I cannot complete due to highly annoying bugs.

Sad. I love both the comics and the tv series a lot. Like Jurassic Park. But it seems that telltale keeps ruining stuff. I don't understand how hard is to keep my choices safe if these are so much important for the story? And why giving 3 saving slots and not only one but working?

Telltale just made me sad. :(

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  • Something The Elder Scrolls has taught me is to always keep backup files.

    Regarding the choice-tailoring, as someone on this forum has explained, tailor means to fit better. Not completely change according to your choices.

    I am a little disappointed with the game, too. I would have liked a little more different things to happen in the game. And I'm sorry you're having these problems. I haven't had any save problems the whole season. Perhaps it's because I only played with one save? Whatever the case, Telltale hopefully will have it ironed out by Season 2.

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