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i bought this game and although it is good, waiting for each episode to be released was not a good experience and with no release dates for each episode it was down to internet searches and hearsay about release dates. however i bought the game because of the story and my son is a big fan of the tv series, i was interested in the unique way that my decisions affected the games character relationships,gameplay and ultimately the ending.
Imagine my surprise when i found out that most of the game is very linear and events had the same outcome no matter how you played, i could overlook this because i thought that surely the way i play will affect the stories ending.


only one ending for the game after playing it for hours and the only things i got for my money were achievements and stats. If there are any telltale games support on her then please take back the achievements and stats and refund the 1600 gamerpoints i used to download the last 4 episode, was a complete waste of money in my opinion, i'm not satisfied with my purchase as it is clearly not as described.

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