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Season Two direction

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The end of Season one has come. You saved a little girl and fought some cannibal farmers. You gained the cursed Ben and danced when Larry was dead. Your group fell divided as you searched for a boat. Ben still cursed your group at ever turn (even if you save his butt) as Kenny might be dead. Lee is left chained to the wall either dead or undead as Clem is outside the city...

This is where Season 2 direction may begin. Personally I hope these changes happen to Season 2.

1. New Main character?

Hopefully you get to pick your gender by picking between which one of two people you want to play. Just have the person you don't pick die to some zombies.

2. Keep Clem?

Yes I want to continue her story and see what happens to her. There is so much that can be done and lets face it. We like the little girl and she is very useful. We saved her from zombies and we still want to protect her.

3. The new plan? Will your Season 1 plan have any effect.What will be the new plan or goal for the group to focus on?

For me I still say go for a boat and ditch the main land. Hunt for an island as soon as you get a boat.

4. Return of the couple? Lets face it they have the best chance of suriving in your group since they were not left in a death trap. How will they react and what about their future?

I could personaly go with or without them.

5. Return of the old team mates? We know Lilly escaped in the comics so will she return in Season 2. Better yet how will she react depending on what you did Season 1. Will she be happy that Lee is dead (for those who went against her) or will she be sad/angry that Lee is dead. Better yet how wil she react to Clem and the new group?

Yes I do want to see the return of Lilly. That could possibly make up an entire episode by itself.

6. Kenny? Did he surive or did he die. (which is likely) If Kenny surives how will he react to Lee's death. How will he react to the others and what is his plan now? Will he still search for a new boat or go after the people with cancer who stole it from you? Better yet if Lilly returns... How will they both react to each other?

Kenny was the second character that you affected the most. I would like to see his return or atleast his fate.

7. New characters or team?

I say at the very least... Keep Clem.

8. Who was the worst in Season 1?

My vote is on Ben. He destoryed your group and kept making new and even worse problems for you. Even if you save his butt in the bell tower he will keep giving you new probelms and nearly kill Kenny. I actually played twice with him alive for one and dead for the other. I enjoyed the one with him dead more than the one with him alive. Ben didn't even redeem himself if you saved his sorry butt.

Now what about you?

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  • I'd rather it just be a different group of people with a new main and not have anything to do with season 1.

    I think I would be disappointed with anyone else in Lee's role as Clem's care taker. Christa and Omid are alright characters but I probably cared about their fate the least out of everyone in the group.

    If they were to continue with someone from season 1. I wouldn't mind Lily as she is now not the Lily from the comics.

  • 1. New Charcater? Yes, choose your gender eh i dont think so, Telltale wont do a double stock voice for the whole game...

    2. Clem...Naaah, its not likely..

    3.The focus will always be SURVIVAL with small joints and events carrying the story foward, will need some motivation like Clem to keep going on.( Nothing related to the boat, as these will be new characters)

    4.Let's be honest Omid and Christa were not that interesting, i mean Omid tried but Christa sucked life out of all the scenes.I hope the dont appear in the 2nd season

    5.Very much possible and likely, Lilly will definitely return imo and i guess she will be sad for Lee and she genuinely cared for Clem before going all psycho in 3rd Ep., even Molly,Glenn and Kenny can make a return :)

    6.Kenny survived atleast the way i see it, we couldn't see and it was implied through one of the available dialogues to first tell him to run and then when question from Christa upon his fate, he can reply that maybe he ran away and may find them later.

    Kenny will ofcourse be deeply saddened by Lee's death, he was his only friend and the only person left he cared about, he coudnt believe when he found out that Lee had been bitten even though he can be an asshole sometimes, he genuinely cares for Lee and Clem, in my opinion.I dont think he cares for Omid or Christa or anyone newer in the group and is mostly suspicious by outsiders so i think he will split with Lee gone and not being the sort of a person who lets go of his pre meditated plans so will keep on his quest for the frickin boat.

    7. Really hard to say, an individual starting out with his own story and meeting new group of people is what (7-8 at a time) Walking Dead does best....

    8.Totally agreed here, Ben was a totally useless fellow.Carley died coz of him and not to forget Duck getting bit and Katija shooting himself was also his fault, he comes clean with Lee when it dosent even matter anymore, keep creating problems for the group with his retardness.I was just waiting to kill his ass off and when given the opportunity in the tower i took it with both hands, dropped his whiny ass and saw him getting eaten alive by the walkers soothed my soul :D and too the ppl who were claiming that he will reprieve himself in ep 5 and do some heroic act, the jokes on them as he died as he lived i.e. Pathetic.

  • Some solid ideas here.

    It would also be great if Clem's personality reflected the way you played Lee in Season 1.

  • 1. Molly. Most developed of the known survivors (other than Clem.)

    2. Yep.

    3. Screw the boat. Hundreds, if not thousands of people had that idea before you. Those islands are full of zombies.

    4. Christa and Omid should return, if not only because they are having a baby and that makes for good drama.

    5. No to Lilly. Maybe for Kenny (if he is in fact alive.) Omid and Christa can stick around.

    6. I think Kenny is alive. Why not show his death if he's dead?

    7. Plenty of new fodder will weave its way in to a season 2.

    8. Yep, Ben sucked. We were meant to hate him.

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