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Be more honest in the next season please.

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So i've been wanting to play this game since I saw Pewdiepie play it, so I could make my own story and due to the game being said that all of my choices had consiquences that would shape the story I was rarring to go.

However, I felt that alot of Chapter 5 was to structured. First of all the option to cut off Lee's arm or not means nothing, it doesn't solve anything or change the ending in anyway i've read a part from a few dialogue options but that's a very minor complaint.

I want to make it clear that the death of Lee, though I personally don't like the idea it was an unavoidable fate was at least passable for me.
What I don't like, at all, is to be asked the same question over and over "Do you want Christa and Omid to take care of Clemintine?" I think I was asked that question 3 times and each time I said yes, take care of her, Even Lee's final words to Clementine was to go find them.

But then after the credits you show Clemtine, alone, in the country side, there was an option for that (Go alone, stay out of cities) and I didn't choose that.

Why put in two options for us to choose when you already have set path for the story? Every chapter tells me that my options matter, when clearly your writters wanted to do their own story.
I have no problems with an illusion of choice when it came down to the arm, you wanted Lee to die, that's fine, but when you do a 180 on a character like Clementine, I have to wonder wether I wanted to get invested into your next game.

To me, Clementine would've respected Lee enough to listen to what he told her, she loved him like a father.
If you wanted Omid and Christa to not be part of the ending, why did you write it into the game for them to ask me over and over?
Why not just have them killed off or explain why they aren't there at the end.

I don't really like the idea that I will need to pay to find out what my ending will be. I should know what the ending is at the end of the game, then hype me up for the next!
I would've gladly bought the next season if I thought all of my options mattered.

I don't expect any changes, or a directors cut or added material I just want to let you know that despite this, the game is fantastic, i've never got upset over media before, i've never been that invested, ever.
I just don't want a series I can see myself getting really invested into to being nothing more than a cash cow.

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