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Walking Dead Download Problems?

posted by urrrbrrrrr on - last edited - Viewed by 225 users

Checked to see if this is common but unsure. Bought the whole $25 game. Downloaded what looked to be episode 1, by size. Used name and password to unlock the game.

Figured maybe I could download episodes 2-5 while I play episode 1, but they say "COMING SOON." Under "my games" in my Telltale account it says I still have to unlock the game, or something (not sure if that's relevant.) I haven't begun yet, but I assume episode 1 is installed and will work fine. Just trying to figure out how to download the other episodes.

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    MattP Telltale Staff

    Based on my records, you purchased the game only a few minutes before posting. Please be patient as we have to verify your purchase. If you still see Coming Soon for other episodes, please shut down and restart your computer. Make sure you are logged into your account, and connected to the internet before launching the game.

    Also, you can only download one episode at a time, and you cannot download them in the background.

  • Got it, worked a few minutes later.

    You guys should probably work on that download interface if you're making mad cash on this game. It just freezes the screen and computer weirdly.

    Like it's VERY helpful to know alt-tabbing out of the game doesn't stop the download, as it took like 45 minutes to get episode 2 (3 seems to be going a bit faster,) and I didn't want to alt-tab out for fear of ruining progress.

    Do you want to freeze up a person's computer for hours or let them know they can alt-tab out conveniently while things download? That's not a small thing at all.

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