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Another save game issue

posted by Solid11 on - last edited - Viewed by 62 users

So I lost my game saves after episode 3. I wait for episodes 4 and 5 to come out and decide to start a fresh game, no problem, I wanted to do a fresh run anyway. Now that I finish episode 1 and start episode 2 immediately after, my choice to save Carley and not Doug is not there. It shows Doug alive. I tried restarting the game and checking my stats and it shows me saving Carley. So what do I do to fix my choices? What's the point if my choices will be ignored anyway. Any help ?

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  • i had this problem to but its always epsiode 4 when i have my issues. i dont know if there is a permanent fix but my problem is when i stop playing it starts all the way back over, the past couple of times i had to stop it before it saved and then went back to the beginning of the episode i was trying to play (4) and all my choices were saved but it is very frustrating.

  • Lost my choices twice and then my saves got corrupted when starting episode 4, was able to see the saves again after some user fixes but again my choices from episode 3 were gone at which point I gave up on the game.

    The whole point of this game is the choices you make and this game has an extremely hard time keeping track which is a serious issue if you ask me.

    I recently played through all of BTTF without a hitch so no clue why this game has so many save issues, I think now that episode 5 is done and out they need to resolve this asap.

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