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Why did **** "Sacrifice" himself?

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"We're gonna find clementime, with or without you, Lee"


"Oh, nope. Just gonna kill myself, not like I care about what happens to clementime or If Lee doesn't make it"

Really? He could have just shot Ben then go with Lee, wouldn't take long, sure the walkers would go to them, but they can't climb ladders, and they would be long gone before they could even get up.

I know Kenny doesn't got a family left, and the boat is gone, but he cared for Lee and Clementime, and I doubt he'd just forget that and die for nothing.

Why did you think he did it? Was it a legit reason? Do you think the his death was a good death or just a "Let's just get this character over with" death.

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  • I think it was the lack of boats that drove him insane.

  • Don't think so, you can agree with him that after you get Clem, you will search for more boats, he will like the idea and agree.

    Besides, he wanted Clem to survive, and wanted to get her back, he wouldn't just give that up and choose to die.

  • I think he gave up and found the right moment to "help" while "opting out".

  • He didn't help anyone besides Ben by shooting him, Kenny knew Lee wouldn't probaly make it, so he would have followed Lee up again. But, TTG does decide what happens, just seems pretty stupid to die for nothing, I think he got a non good thought up death.

  • he wanted to die in that moment... family's gone, boat's gone. he always talked about taking his family on a boat to safety. he lost his family in ep 3 so the only thing he had left was the boat. then vernon took the boat and suddenly he felt depressed, angry and desperate and chose to commit suicide, he had nothing left (thats what i think because u also got a dialog says "Suicide" or something)

  • If you mention Katjaa when he's about to sacrifice himself, he says something about wanting to meet her and Duck again. So yeah, he'd given up, and I guess he wanted to be there with Ben so he wouldn't have to go through his worst nightmare alone.
    Honestly, I don't think he could have walked out of there sane after leaving Ben there to die. Not after finally symphatizing with the kid. His conscience would eat him up, he's that kind of guy.
    "There's no way in this world God would have let me keep my child when I helped kill another's"

  • Doubt Kenny would just sucicide because of Katjaa and Duck, also the boat.

    He even said "You don't just end it cause it's hard. You stick it out, and you help the folks you care about." —Kenny talking to the group about suicide

    Aka, helping Lee finding Clem.

  • Kenny is not insane. He realized that this entire time he has only been concerned with him and his families well-being, for each case you can argue he realized it was his time to go while saving someone and therefore redeeming himself.

    Christa: he knew as evidence by his expression in the attic when she drank the bottle that she was pregnant.

    Ben: he never looked from his perspective and realized he was wrong.

  • I feel like it was a stupid and selfish move. If he died (which is highly probable), it was an easy way out. I can't imagine him caring so much for Ben when all he has been thinking about is his own family's, Clementine's and his own survival all this time. Ben lost his family just like anyone else... That sounds really cold but, yeah... Maybe the couple who shot themselves triggered his thoughts.

    I think he did it for himself. He didn't want to any more.

    BUT, something tells me that it has to do with what I've been saying countless times... Some scenes must've been cut out from the final product. Something else must've lead up to Kenny's total breakdown.

  • Kenny got angerd that the couple suicided, he said, well I posted it above. I don't think he'd just change his mind cause Ben died. He said you don't suicide cause it's hard, you stick it out and help others, but he didn't, he almost stopped caring about the Clem moment after Ben.

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