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[TWD] Unplayable due to save bugs

posted by Theudeon on - Viewed by 96 users

I'm sorry, but the save bugs are unbearbale.
I got it during the Steam sale and was eager to play it. Everything was going fine up to the beginning of Episode 3. My choices all carried over and I had a great time. Then the game crashed during an important cutscene. When I tried to load the game again I just got a black screen. Copying the prefs.prop file didn't solve this issue.
Ulitmately, I deleted the save file and started anew. Despite the save bug the game made a very good impression and the game crashed secons before an interesting reveal (I think) and I wanted to know what happens next. Everything goes fine until I finish Episode 2. Then I couldn't start Episode 3, it just said "Coming soon". I copied the prefs.prop file and I could start it. Well, I had to play the end of Episode 2 again but that wasn't a big deal. But I quickly noticed that some of my choices were messed up when I started Episode 3.

Since Episode 2 and 3 have been out for months I doubt Telltale will actually fix these issues. And that's a shame, because I'm sure there's a good story in there, but this has just become my worst gaming experience in recent years.

Maybe Telltale could hire some programmers to fix these issues with all the money they made with TWD.

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