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Lovely game changed all my options

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I was eager to find out what happened on episode 5... only to discover that the game decided that it didn't like my choices. Now I'm stuck all alone with that asshole Kenny and the guy on the radio think that I don't give a fuck about Clem.
That's it for me. I could bear the clipping textures, flying objects and zombies disappearing, but that's too much. Ruined the game for me.

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  • i too have experienced the same, like i tell people i am clem's neighbour wich technicaly isn't a lie we all neighbour of something a house city a planet, and hershel still asumed i was clem's father after telling him i wasn't. not to mention when i went from episode 4 to 5, i somehow lost the support of Christa and Omid they just vanished, and kenny thinks i hid my bite, bad form Telltale bad form

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