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No Time Left Review

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This review is written to mention my thoughts as they occurred at the time of gameplay.

I played the final episode with Kenny, Christa, and Omid. I dropped Ben in the bell tower.

When the stranger said he rescued, not kidnapped, Clementine, I was unsure what to do. I know people on this forum disagree about the choices other people made. The stranger probably heard stories about what Lee did and is shocked to the point he believes that Clementine must be removed. In a way, Lee and the stranger have a child custody dispute where the neither party trusts the other.

After Vernon questioned Kenny’s boat idea and offer to take Clementine, I was having second thoughts. If I can begin to doubt my ability to care for Clementine, then surely a stranger can too. Still, Clementine has been my responsibility since the beginning and I trust my judgment over a stranger. In short, I will likely have to kill the stranger to regain Clementine.

Lee’s collapse in the morgue made me wonder how Lee could survive without a group.

When my group suggested cutting off my bitten arm, I was shocked. Ben established in Episode 2 that the bite does not cause walkerness. An injured arm is better than no arm, especially when the amputation is being performed by non-medical professionals in a non-sterile environment who lack medical equipment. The blood loss alone could kill me. There was no way I would consent to such a risky procedure. If I must die, I will in the field, not on a table.

Lee blacks out again on the ladder. I hope he doesn’t die because he blacks out at an inconvenient time.

Into The Fire
Arrived on the hospital roof.

Kenny is becoming overwhelmed at the situation. At this rate, without medical attention, my allies will become Clementine’s guardians. I barely make it onto a bell tower, signal for the walkers to approach, and leap back to my allies. Between the blackouts and ladder that gave out, I hope Lee is not killed by bad luck.

We return to the mansion to see that the cancer survivors stole the boat. Kenny is angry. No boat and no Clementine increase the fear and anger in the group. I said we should find another boat, but that seems unlikely. Finding the boat was like finding the abandoned station wagon: a stroke of luck that should not be relied upon. Moreover, the boat required gas and a battery. To find a fully functional boat or to scrap together another seems even more unlikely after all the walkers marched into town. So, I think we have to find Clementine and leave. I don’t know if the countryside or a small town is better. Either one is better than staying or repeating the boat plan.

The walkers show up, so we rush inside. The sturdy house is not so sturdy and the walkers burst through doors and windows. Brie, a cancer survivor-turned-walker, appears and I kill her. We rush upstairs and make a last stand which I think is absurd. Why are we backing ourselves into a corner with only a handful of bullets? We were fortunate to rush into the attic.

Twice Shy
Returned to the attic.

No one knows how to escape. Kenny worsens the situation by comparing me to a potential Larry. I don’t blame him, but I am not unconscious. My unconsciousness is caused by injury-induced fatigue, not a heart attack. The condition will likely lead to death, but not yet. However, how does the group know when I will reawake or turn walker?

All I can tell is that I am sorry. I don’t want to hurt him and he doesn’t want to hurt me, but eventually that may have to happen. I didn’t grab the sculpture because I didn’t want to escalate the situation. Plus, being a bully is a quick way to be kicked out of a group.

The rotten wood adjoins the adjacent house, so we bash our way through.

Before leaving, I was surprised that Christa drank beer despite her pregnancy. Is she trying to hide it? Ignore it? Terminate it? I don’t know. I probably would not ask about it because I don’t want to cause any more group tension. There is only so much tension that can exist before group members start fighting each other. I don’t want another Lilly-Carley/Doug situation.

There Ain't No Way
Broke out of the manor house.

The dead couple on the bed was something no one should have seen. It only scared Christa and Omid and made Kenny think more about his lost family.

Kenny said quitting without trying was wrong. I understand, but maybe they ran out of options. Not everyone found a resourceful survival group. Some people preferred to die peacefully rather than be eaten alive.

The corpses also gave a scary message to the group: maybe, despite all your plans, in the end, you will be backed into a corner and have to choose one way to die or another.

We leap to a building from a balcony. After the last person jumps off it (Kenny), the balcony became loose. I suspect if Ben jumped from it that he would have fallen to his death.

Sacrifices were made.

We move along. Kenny says he is angry and wants to unleash all the pain he feels. We are atop a building with a hole in it. Omid calls it the black maw of death. Kenny bumps into me and the walkie talkie falls in there. I say let’s keep going to the hotel, but Christa explains how important the walkie talkie is, so she, unexpectedly, leaps into the hole and puts herself in danger. We cannot reach Christa. After failing to pull her up with a metal pipe, Kenny sacrifices himself. He jumps into the whole and lifts Christa up to safety. He uses his last bullet to kill a walker and eventually disappears into the darkness. I suspect he is killed, but I didn’t hear screams, only yells. I didn’t say anything for I didn’t know what to say. Kenny, tormented by walkers for months, decided to confront them and likely perished.

Christa and Omid talk about who should care for Clementine since Kenny is gone and I will be too soon. I suggest they would be good parents.

We get separated across a sign that collapses. There is nothing that can bridge the gap. Lee disregards his safety and heads onto the walker infested ground. Then, in a scene called The Gauntlet, he walks straight into a walker herd. My Lee had an axe in one hand and broken glass in the other. He squeezed the glass and his blood flowed down the glass. As he fought through the herd, a good song played in the background. If anyone believes the former history professor is not a tough guy after single-handedly slicing and hacking through that death trap, I want to know why.

The Marsh House
Arrived at your destination.

I meet the stranger. He seems normal at first. I stole his supplies at the end of episode 2, so he is angry. There is nothing I can say to ease his anger. I thought it was abandoned property. No one was around, the gas tank was empty, and the headlights were on. I thought the car was abandoned for hours.

Once he stares into the bag and starts talking to it, I know he is delusional. I have to take him out. After a brief scuffle, I choke the choke him into unconsciousness. I kill him so he won’t come back as a walker.

What's in the bag?
Confronted a stranger.

His wife’s head is in the bag. Not pretty.

Stay Close To Me
Made it out, but…

Lee and Clementine pass through the walker herd covered in walker muck undetected until Clementine sees her parents-turned-walkers, then Lee blacks out. No! Don’t let me die like this.

What Remains
Completed Episode 5: "No Time Left"

I awake in a safe room with Clementine. I am relieved, but we can’t leave. In fact, I can’t walk much further. I am worried about the walker ahead. Why is he so calm? Is he asleep? I know he will be a problem. He is. He almost kills Clementine even after she handcuffs him to furniture. After Mr. Problem has his head bashed in by a baseball bat wielded by Clementine (I trained her well), I dispense final advice to Clementine. I tell Clementine to leave me, not shoot me. I normally kill every walker or likely to turn-walker human. However, I was an adult. She is a crying child who just saw her parents as walkers. I do not want to inflict any more traumas on her. Any more pain and she may psychologically break down.

I just want Clementine to leave because Lee gets sleepier (closer to death). Clementine walks away after seeing me slouch to my side. I feel her pain. She lost her parents, her guardian, and is alone. After the post-credits scene, she is walking in a wheat field alone. There are two distant figures in the background. She seems afraid of them. I speculate that she believes they could be Omid and Christa, dangerous strangers, or walkers. She doesn’t know who they are, so she is scared. Uncertain about what to do, she freezes in fear and the screen goes black.

So, what remains (pun intended)?

Will the Clementine cliffhanger be resolved in the second season of the Walking Dead? When will information about the second season be released? Is a second season a good idea? These episodes are well done, but require good writing. After five episodes (about 10 hours) of gameplay, we are familiar with the Walking Dead universe. Is there anything left that will surprise us or test our moral intuitions? I don’t know. Telltale, only make more episodes if you can live up quality of the past episodes. Better to finish with satisfied gamers than with disappointed ones.

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