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Hello guys

First of all I want to congratulate you for getting nominated to the VGA as Game of the Year.

Second, I want to ask you a few questions and give you a suggestion.

I bought and played all the Back to the Future episodes on Playstation 3, and I loved the series. I bought the digital versions, but it came later for retail which I personally prefer. I didn't bought the retail version because I already had the digital one. I didn't bought Walking Dead yet, I've heard rumors of a retail version.

Are you thinking about releasing one? And if yes, when should we expect it? I prefer a retail version to be honest.

Second, can't you add a platinum to the Playstation 3 version? There are 5 episodes, for the ones who take 100% in all episodes, get a platinum. It makes sense for me, especially in a retail version. I've got 100% on all back to the future episodes hehe :P

That's all, hope you continue to build games like this and I look forward for the next pack of episodes :D

Thank you for being different and take risks, this sick industry full of shooters and look a like games, needs it!

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