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The Demise of **** and **** - Stupid Idea By Them?

posted by Pickles312 on - last edited - Viewed by 226 users

Okay, so your at the end of episode 1. You are holding the doors when I window is busted and a door collapses. Carley starts to shoot away and Doug goes to the window. Then something really stupid happens. Both of them get grabbed, and we know how it ends. Now we're back in the moment it's happeneing and I wonder.

1) Why didn't Carley stomp the walker grabbing her foot with her other and grab her ammo, therefore easily out of the situation? No, she just keeps clicking her empty gun instead of thinking.

2) Why did Doug decide it was a good idea to stand back facing the window about to be broken through insead of taking a melee weapon and holding them off that way? No, he justs stands in front of the "done" window back facing it. Why?

What do you guys think? Am I right, wrong, or overthinking it?

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