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iPad Mini issues

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I recently purchased an iPad mini And installed the game on it. Unfortunately, every time I try to load the game it crashes. It shows me the opening screen with the title but after that it goes black and it crashes. I have deleted the app performed a hard reset on the iPad installed. The app again. I have tried everything to my knowledge and nothing worked.

Any help would be really appreciated. The app plays well in my phone and I purchased the other five episodes. But I would really love to play the game on the iPad.

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    MattP Telltale Staff

    Unfortunately we have not tested the game on this device, and cannot be sure what might be causing your issues. Assuming the device meets all minimum specifications, you may need to shut down some of the other programs that are running in the background as they are using system RAM that may be needed by the game. Once you shut down any programs you are not currently using, please shut down, wait a few minutes, and then restart your device. If it still crashes, you should uninstall, and then reinstall the game application through the App store.

  • Hi Matt,

    I have made sure all apps have been fully closed, uninstalled the app, performed a reset on the device, and re-installed the app. Nothing has helped. Are you guys planning to test the game on the mini?

    I do have other games that play very well.

    Your help is appreciated!

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