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TWD Replay value

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I have to admit I thought this particular game would have zero replay value, you know: play once and forget.

I've changed my mind a bit when I rewound EP 3 a little bit cause I felt bad for pushing Omid off the overpass. Not much has changed, but the sarcasm in Lee's words "Fine, you stay here and we go with your woman!" was worth it.

My plan was not to rewind, not to change decisions, all with attempt at making the gameplay feel as realistic as possible. I couldn't resist the urge to replay some parts of the game in order to achieve three different Clem rescue group line ups at the end of EP 4.

After completing EP 5 twice with different decision-making, I deleted all game saves - I got pissed off when Clem's kidnapper blamed me for letting Clem eat human meat (in EP 2) which I never did in any of my gameplays! Another fuckup, like with the infamous EP4 issue on Xbox 360.

So now here I am, playing the whole game again. And I have to tell you - it is fun, despite most major outcomes being identical. Obviously, I am trying to make as many different choices from my previous gameplay as possible.

Some things change and they alter the overall "flavor" of TWD. Like the decision in EP 1 to wait with Clem till it gets dark - I was like "where the hell are Shaun and Chet" and then Shaun appeared with the cop, Chet was a walker already... Hershel's perception of the whole crisis situation when he heard about Chet was so much different than when Shaun and Lee were talking about some other people. He got alerted immediately.

It's not easy making different choices all the time, though, especially when you know how things will turn out soon. My Lee this time around is making all critical decisions in the most humane way possible, whereas being a sarcastic asshole in trivial situations. The plan is not to hear a litany of wrongdoings from Clem's kidnapper in EP 5. Too bad looting the car cannot be prevented.

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  • For me the interesting choice is the first one you make, so I did NEVER changed my choices even if I was regretful later. It simply is not your real choice if you change it.

  • Agree. The first choices felt the best, as you didn't know the outcome. If you replay you already know the outcome so you change your opinion.
    For example you will choose to support kenny instead of lilly knowing she will go nuts and leave anyway while kenny sticks around much longer. or you will tell the entire group about your past knowing lilly will call you out anyway. you didn't know any of that on your first play so the choices are much more genuine.

  • It gets a bit dull when you have to play trough the same shit (Already done it once, but I quit re-playing it in Episode 3), but it's great when you play it for the first time.

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