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save issue starting episode 2 on XBoX

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please can any one help me get the right choices loaded into ep 2 from my completed ep1? im my adventure carly died

i waited for the credits to roll on ep1 -
i see doug give me a candy bar on what comes next in ep 2 -
i then started ep 2
i randomised events? i had to say yes - no doesn't do anything
i find that carly has risen from the dead but she is not a zombie but a normal human? she was wiped i saw her die -
doug is no longer around -

needless to say its a good game but the save process is not good
one of the major reasons games are not continued is due to crap or poor save
system - so feeling disappointed and in no mood to play ep 2 with a journalist
who should be dead and who has a gun and can't even defend herself -


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