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Theory on Lee's Fate/Cure

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Lee's death is ambiguous. If you take certain actions it can end up this way.

[*]You can cut his arm off.
[*]You can handcuff the guard and not Lee.
[*]You have have Clem leave you, and even then she might not have shot you. Even IGN's Greg Miller speculated this.
[*]When she leaves you, Lee slumps over on the radiator. Is he dead or has he just went unconscious again? I'm thinking the latter
[*]Bites are deadly because of bacterial infections and blood loss. What fights bacterial infections? Antibiotics. Where were antibiotics located? Crawford. Who's from Crawford? Molly. Who's still in Savannah to the best of our knowledge? Molly.

So I'm thinking the cure is a certain type of antibiotic. I mean, why not have the cure in the Walking Dead be painfully obvious? Just like the fact that you turn no matter how you die.

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