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Episode 4 / Cannot Autosave **Episode 4 Spoilers**

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I have 2 save games for TWD.

Save Slot 1 was my very first playthrough, all the way up to the end of Episode 4. After completing Episode 4, i decided to go through again from the start to make different choices before Episode 5 was released to pass some time. I only just started Episode 4 when Episode 5 was released, so i spent some time today completing Episode 4 on Save Slot 2.

After completing Episode 4 and watching the credits etc., it took me back to the main menu. When i hit play, it showed both of my Save Slots as being on Episode 4, and when i click either of them it takes me to a screen saying "Episode 5 Coming Soon!"... Weird, because i already have Episode 5 installed.

After restarting the program, my First Save Slot says Episode 5 - and plays straight into the next episode like it should.

However my Second Save Slot still says Episode 4, and when i load this save, it takes me to the scene where :spoil-o: Lee gets Bitten :spoil-o:. Try as i may, everytime i play Save Slot 2 and complete Episode 4, it returns me to the menu telling me Episode 5 is Coming Soon! -- Everytime i restart the application, Save Slot 2 is still on Episode 4 where :spoil-o: Lee gets bitten :spoil-o:.

TL;DR - ( Save Slot 2 will not Autosave when i have completed Episode 4, and takes me back to the scene where :spoil-o: Lee gets bitten. :spoil-o: )

I have tried moving prefs.prop around, starting Episode 5 on Save Slot 2 (this just generates random choices, and i do NOT want that) and several other "fixes".

Save Slot 1 works like a charm.
Save Slot 2 will not autosave the completion of Episode 4, and i have tried many times.

Windows 7 PC.
Steam Version of the game.

EDIT: Same problem as ->

Any help? Thanks.

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