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TWD - Listed save fixed don't work

posted by Ezophlax on - last edited - Viewed by 128 users

I've been playing the game on OSX 10.6.8 for a few days through steam with no issue. Yesterday, the game froze on the train in episode 3. I quit and re-loaded, and now my saves won't load (asked me to start at the end of episode 2). I tried to copy, delete, and re-set the prefs.prop files as suggested in previous threads, but that has only made the problem worse (deleting all my episode 2 progress in addition to episode 3). The save files are still intact. I don't want to start over. Please let me know what I can do. Why is there not an option to load our own saves manually, or to force create a prefs.prop file with our own saves on it? I don't want to play through episode 2 and 3 again just to make all the same decisions I made before to see how it all plays out.

In addition to that error, when I do try and play, it frequently just goes to a black screen with the red/white cursor, and nothing happens.

I've played nearly every telltale game so far, and have never had this many issues in getting a game to work.

If there's something you might be able to show me in person on how to fix this, I'll come to your office myself. I only live 10 miles away.

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