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Which Episode waiting length would you prefer?

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If you've noticed, Telltale usually makes these episode in a restrained time. If you had the choice, would you choose to have the Episodes come quicker and on a schedule like they did, or just wait a longer time until the producers can make the story lengthy, detailed, and in in their sense, perfect?

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  • As long as it takes for them to get it done to their satisfaction.

  • i think this time they could have more of the episodes prepared before hand so they could keep the same time and still improve it

    more than 2 months between episodes is to much

  • I meant to choose the second option.Just thought I should let people know.

  • I don't really have a preference, if longer wait times will polish the game as much as possible then so be it.

  • I like detailed episodes. I don't care if I have to wait for a single game.

  • In my opinion, one month between episodes is the optimal time. It gives a plenty of time to think about the previous episode. If it takes longer, I start to lose interest.

  • No vote from me because the OP is overlooking the most logical method (since he appears to be asking scheduled and quick vs unscheduled and slow, rather than the method I'm about to state).

    I'd rather have one long wait for the first episode. With 2 or 3 more episodes already seeing full development before the first is released.

    -The devs would have all the time in the world to do the first 3 Eps (+most of ep4 for the "next time" trailer) before running off audience patience.
    -With a monthly release the devs will have a whopping 3/4 months starting from Ep1 release just to polish off Ep4 and do 5.
    -Most importantly, the audience will recieve the satisfying illusion of having a shorter wait, because despite Ep1 coming out much later, every following episode will be released in a reasonable timeframe.

    The short notice and unpredictable release times was very poor service. Especially for a game that's formatted more like a TV show. Hard to keep interest invested when you don't know what date to look forward to. More so again when the wait was roughly double compared to what was originally advertised.

    It's all good once they're already out. But I wouldn't have bought season 1 in its early stages if I knew I was in for that much punishment.

  • Count me among those that doesn't mind the wait between episodes. Let the employees have the time they need to make the game they want, and have it working as well as possible.

  • I'd rather have a delayed masterpiece than a rushed piece of shit. Take a look at EA and you'll see what I mean by the latter.

  • I chose the latter. I don't want my episodes rushed and filled with bugs... I want detailed episodes, Whatever the wait.

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