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Kenny's destiny

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I know everybody is tired about arguing about if kenny died or not in episode 5, so did I. My opinion at first was that he died, end of story, but after I finished it again I think there's no answer yet. It's not the "obvious he died there was no escape" or the "we didn't saw or hear him die".

TTG didn't start thinking about season 2 when making episode 5, so they didn't know if Kenny can fit and add something to the next season. He was the 5 episodes with Lee as much as Clem, so he could be very useful in making references to the previous season and add interest to the previous players of TWD.

After they work on season 2 storyline they will see if this is a good idea or there's no way/need for that. That gives freedom to TTG to use him or not, if not, he died saving Ben/Christa, and if he is useful, they will come with something and that will not contradict what we saw, heard in season 1.

My point is, I will assume that he died there for the circunstances that happened, but I wouldn't be surprised if they try mind blowing the fans with his unexpected appereance.

What do you think? Do you think they put Kenny's fate on hold or he's out?

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