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Where does it show this?

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From the wiki:
"Following his return to the morgue, Vernon informed his group of Lee's group's boat and how he planned to steal it. After formulating a plan, the group departed the morgue, along with all of their supplies, and moved to the manor house that contained the boat. Upon arriving, if any of Lee's survivors were left behind, they were beaten by Vernon and Joyce, before being locked inside the backyard shed. If no one stayed, they will steal the boat, while leaving a note on their reasons. While the beating is taking place, Boyd and Clive will move the boat out of the shed. Upon stealing the boat, his status is unknown."

Now I only have one question... Where the flying fig does it say that the old granny and Vernon beat up Kenny? I don't recall in Episode 5 him mentioning any specifics if left behind which is making me doubt this statement, where'd he get that from?

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