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Delete me (or don't!)

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I have too much time on my hands, and this thread may not make much sense

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  • Maybe I don't want to... maybe this thread is all I have going for me right now, in this crazy mixed up world of ours.

  • Great. Whatever. Do what you want.

    But if this is gonna stick around, at least it can do some good.

    I can officially state that GameTap pissed me off enough today that I decided to buy Season 2 from you.


    I must say I find it highly amusing that I may be one of very few people indeed who has finished Moai Better Blues already, given the situation with GameTap.

    Parting note: I'm guessing you removed the "remember the babies' orders" puzzle because it essentially required you to pause the game to solve?

  • Your parting note is correct. People in the playtests had a very large amount of trouble with it. That puzzle's been gone for months and months. The build GameTap had up is oooold.

  • Ouch.

    I did figure it had to be really old, though, because of the sheer quantity of bugs. I'm kindof leaning toward guessing that "months and months" is slightly exaggeratory, though.

    At the same time, I'm quite impressed. Other than that change, possibly some dialog and the bugs, the game is essentially unchanged, if I understand your walkthrough correctly. That's impressive.

    I have to say I'm slightly ashamed though. For all the mass hoards of bugs, it didn't actually click in my mind that GameTap had uploaded the wrong version until the very end when it suddenly said "insert end credits here". I should have KNOWN you wouldn't have intentionally released that buggy mess.

  • "Months and months" is not an exaggeration. Don't forget the playtest was in September. ;)

    Also, that puzzle that got removed was one of my favorites. :o

  • Months and months isn't necessarily an exaggeration. I don't remember when we considered 202 as complete, but it was awhile ago.

  • September sounds right. The drink ordering puzzle was cut almost right after the playtest, which was in September.

    Whoops! Hi, I'm apparently the third person to say this. Hooo!

  • Dang, now I wish I had played it this morning, just so I could experience the extra puzzle... oh well, a polished game will be nice to play as well. :)

  • The polish is well worth the loss of that one puzzle, IMO.

  • Hmm... i think it would be cool if you guys left those puzzles in and had them as a sort of easter egg... or maybe a difficulty slider that appears after your first play though so things that were cut for being too hard/complicated can still be seen by us fanatics.... (a puzzle like that wont add too much to the size of the release, will it? i dunno)

    i did not get much past that part (cause i pretty much stopped playing after i saw what was going on with GT).. but i did futz with debug mode just to see all the locations before i deleted the game, after i realised the game was unfinished (the joke about lost was shere genius)

    and BTW, i still cant get it to work on GT, but i hear lots of others saying it works fine, so i dunno... i emailed their support site

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