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I'm gonna be "that" guy and post this

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I've gotta say, this is kinda pathetic. I am unable to play the season finale that is raved about everywhere I look because Telltale has yet to fix a bug that has been here since episode 2.

As some of you may or may not be aware, there is a huge bug that causes your saved game files to not be read. So all of your saves are there....But can't be accessed.

There's been several workarounds put out by people having the problem, but none of them are working anymore. The file that reads the saves is updating automatically when I change it so I can't even fix it myself now.

I'd post this thread in support, but Telltale is too busy receiving awards to glance at the place. So now me and several, possibly hundreds or thousands with this problem get to sit around and wait for a fix for a problem that hasn't even been acknowledged by Telltale.

This is probably going to get moved because they don't want people to think Telltale isn't perfect, but at least don't pretend this isn't a big problem.

From this ex-fan to the developers: Stop patting yourself on the back and finish your job, or give me and everyone else a full refund.

I paid for The Walking Dead the video game, not 4 episodes, a cliff-hanger, and 2 months of mind-numbing frustration with people I don't even know.

Rant = Over

Fix your game.

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