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my only problem with the walking dead...

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The voice acting is super wicked
the story is supurb
the lines are... well... TOO good.

i mean for a zombie survival story... when your put on the stop being accused of being a traitor to the group...

saying: you think your some tough bitch dont u like nothing can hurt u ur just a scared little girl get the fuck over it... ETC. I highly doubt that ANYONE will ever think of a line like that when put on the spot. When lee finds out brenda and co are cannibals he does thease acted lines... i for one wouldnt be able to speak... or make something out...

My other problem is

Larry : how are you lee? lee: ImFINE

Lee and co reply WAY to quickly if lee was asked a question he would be replying like not even a second after it was asked...

Try to make things like that a tad less noticable please telltale for season 2.

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