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Doesn't work at all on iPhone 5

posted by Jblood2 on - Viewed by 142 users

When I tap on the game on my iPhone 5 I get a black screen and then it returns to my home screen. Sometimes as its going to the home screen after the black screen, the phone prompts me to put in my Apple password and sometimes it doesn't. Your suggestions to previous posts don't work; I've tried restarting the phone, closing all other apps, deleting and re-downloading the app twice, and nothing works.

I had played episode 1 on my iPhone 4 so I know it worked at one point. I switched to the iPhone 5, finished the last chapter of Ep 1 the first time I opened the app on my new phone, bought the multipack (so I spent $20 or whatever it was) and then this started happening.

Fast forward to 2 and a half weeks later and you haven't had an update to fix this problem or a post on here on how to fix it.

I've read reviews on the App Store that this game doesn't work with iPhone 5. Is this true and we're just waiting on an update that will fix this?

Please tell me what's going on. I love your product when it works, but I've spent more time having an app that doesn't work than one that does.

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