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Why ______ had to die...?

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I was getting so much hopes on Walking Dead because the third season was killing me from the inside... so as the ending of the second one... Seeing Lee and Clem was so beatiful! They were like familly! I enjoyed playing Lee and living his life on the game... seing what he suffered and what he lost. His "new" love, Carley, dying in front of his eyes and on the end of the fith episode when I thought that he and the othesr would probably escape and find a good place to stay... Kenny goes missing... Ben dies in 2 different ways... and Lee... after killing thousands of walkers... he dies in front of Clem... I cried like a baby!
The idea of W.D series being fictional(of course)... it is possible to Lee to be alive? Like... the alternative choice of Clem... (not shooting) and he somehow fights the fever and lives? Lee was my fav character...

(Sorry for my english. English is my second language and I'm still a learner.

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