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GET Error

posted by afthotwttf on - last edited - Viewed by 156 users

I see plenty of people talking about Episode 5 deleting their saves, but I can't seem to find anything about the problem I've had.

My version of the game is still fully aware of my save and loads it fine - but it won't realize that I have all the episodes installed. As soon as I downloaded episode 5 and opened the game, every chapter is showing that I need to GET it, even though they're all downloaded and installed. I can go into the chapter selection and it says I need to GET every chapter 2-5.

I can delete them all and reinstall them and it still tells me to GET them. I've even deleted the core game and removed everything from my console except my save file, re-downloaded it all, booted it up, and it tells me to GET every episode. I've essentially paid for episode 5 and have not been able to do anything with it because the game doesn't realize I have it.

Is this anyone else's experience, and is there a fix? It seems like this happened with Episode 2, but I haven't found anything about it happening to people with Episode 5. It's been like this ever since Episode 5 was released.

Telltale staff - any suggestions?

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